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Prop Trading Tech Kit

The Prop Trading Tech Kit offers tailored, comprehensive automation designed to assist with the functioning, management, and risk control of proprietary trading and funded account enterprises.

Enabling Proprietary Trading Enterprises

WorthyFX Tech is a versatile company that functions as a one-stop solution provider for small, medium, and large businesses. Alongside their partners, Worthy FX Tech is capable of offering a fully customizable dashboard, alongside the premier MT5 solution, to proprietary trading firms across the globe.

WorthyFX Tech partnered with City Traders Imperium

Prop Trading Tech Features

Quick to Launch

Our dashboard/crm takes 1 -2 weeks to setup and integrate into your servers.


Email Integration & Building

Automate communications with our integrated email system and template builder. Streamline welcome emails, notifications, and confirmations effortlessly.

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Payment Gateway

Simplify transaction processing and payment management while mitigating the risk of chargebacks, no additional cost to you. Ensuring seamless transaction management for business.


AML/KYC Automation

Automate the AML/KYC process for your customers through custom integrations. Move swiftly by seamlessly handling document submissions and conducting necessary compliance checks.

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Top Tier Liquidity

Access competitive pricing via direct CFA-regulated liquidity. Navigate the market confidently with professional oversight.


Additional Tools

Free of charge, we offer a suite of additional tools to help you stand out and stay up-to-date, ensuring you have the essential resources at your disposal.


White Label

We provide the opportunity to establish your proprietary trading company with ease, even if you're starting from scratch. Our affordable pricing structure ensures that you receive the necessary support to foster growth at every stage of your journey in the world of proprietary trading.


Your time-to-launch is of utmost importance to us. With WorthyFX Tech and our partners, you can begin within just 1-2 weeks of signing up. Quality always remains our top priority, regardless of quantity, ensuring your satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Prop Trading

We prioritize cost-effectiveness for your proprietary trading business, ensuring you can begin generating profits swiftly. Our diverse range of payment options and plans caters to businesses at various stages: from newcomers to mid-sized enterprises, all the way to larger proprietary trading companies. Moreover, if your company seeks a transition to a more reliable and secure setup, we provide seamless migration for a nominal fee. Schedule a meeting with us to determine the best fit for your business size and requirements.

MT5 Solution 31

Our MetaTrader 5 trading platform stands as the industry’s forefront, equipped with a comprehensive backend, bridge, and data center infrastructure, guaranteeing clients unparalleled execution and an exceptional trading journey.

Why is our MetaTrader 5 Platform Different?

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Turbocharge Your Trades with Meta Trader 5. Experience split-second precision and seize trading opportunities like never before, ensuring your proprietary trading strategy stays steps ahead.

Lightning fast execution

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Embrace a fee structure that aligns with your success. With us, we don't charge B-Book volume fees, our solution empowers your proprietary trading with clarity and control.

No B-Book Volume Fees

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Effortlessly link to any dashboard, unlocking a world of data-driven insights. Streamline your proprietary trading strategy with the flexibility to connect, analyze, and succeed.

Connect to any dashboard

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Custom branded EA Metrix tool for your traders.



Customize your rules to your vision, and we'll code them accordingly.


Liquidity Providers

We connect you with global liquidity providers, tailoring partnerships to your needs.



Match the competition by setting your commission rates competitively.

“WorthyFX Tech’s MetaTrader 5 solution is the preferred choice for prop firms, hedge funds, and businesses requiring MT5 server usage, offering lightning-fast executions, customizable commission rates, competitive fees, and no volume fees associated with B-Booking.

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CEO of Ox Trade Funding

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